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Despoke is a design led manufacturing company specialising in the creation of purpose designed commercial furniture made bespoke to the tastes and requirements of our customers. Based within Greater London for the last eighteen years, we have provided taoilored furniture production solutions for interior designers, architects and business operators across the UK

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  • Architectural Design

We look forward to your orders as the UK's most professional designer


Planning Permission

97% of our clients have collectively accomplished something impressive - they have secured Planning Permission! 

We can draw up your planning drawings, write design & access statements and liaise with your council to help you win Planning Permission too.

Building Control

We consider all aspects of construction, from structural stability and insulation through to fire protection and ventilation. 

We can draw up your detailed drawings, prepare structural calculations & specifications and liaise with your council for Building Regulations.

Interior Design

Thinking outside of the box is what we do all day long to create eye-catching interior spaces that impress and inspire. 

From interior finishes and furniture to colour schemes and lighting, we can design your property to give you the WOW! factor.